GIFSEP Trees for School Initiative greens, educates, offsets carbon emissions and transforms schools into healthier more sustainable environments. GIFSEP has so far planted 500 Trees in selected schools in FCT Abuja Nigeria. Our plan is to plant 5000 trees in all the Primary and Secondary Schools Abuja and extend the program to other parts of Nigeria

How it Works
GIFSEP identifies schools without Trees and delivers trees and train the students on how to plant and maintain them. We also respond to applications for trees from schools.
How you can participate!
Individuals and organizations can buy or donate Trees and receive certificate for themselves. You can also participate in the planting of the trees
Costs per Tree for this program is N2000 all inclusive

The Solar for Schools program is an initiative aimed at empowering schools to go solar. The program targets boarding schools in communities without electricity.
This exciting program helps primary and secondary schools around the country take practical action to reduce emissions and electricity bills through installing solar power systems, while providing educational benefits for students in learning about renewable energy and environmental stewardship.
GIFSEP has powered four classrooms in Government Secondary School Yaba Abaji Area council Abuja Nigeria. The boarding school has no electricity; the students now read and do their assignments at night using solar light.
There are so many schools in Nigeria without electricity.
When schools go solar, students get hands-on experience with clean energy and the community benefits from a healthier environment.
Join us to spread the benefits of solar to schools by supporting our Solar for schools Initiative.
You can power two class rooms for as low as N100, 000 or $300 USD